CSIS Minor

Minor in Critical Studies in Sexuality (CSIS)

In order to be accepted into the CSIS Minors program, students need to declare their minor using the Student Service Centre at third-year standing. Course selection must be approved by the CSIS Program Advisor.

30 credits are required for the CSIS Minor, subject to the following program requirements:

First & Second Years

  • 12 credits of approved 100- and 200-level courses that provide appropriate preparation for the minor. Students have lots of flexibility in course selection, not limited to the following:
    • CSIS 200 – Critical Engagements in Sexuality Studies
    • Anthropology (ANTH)
    • Art History (ARTH)
    • English (ENGL)
    • Family Studies (FMST)
    • First Nations Studies (FNIS)
    • Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice (GRSJ)
    • History (HIST)
    • Law (LAW)
    • Political Science (POLI)
    • Psychology (PSYC)
    • Social Work (SOWK)
    • Sociology (SOCI)

Third & Fourth Years

  • 18 credits of approved 300- and 400-level courses, including at least 3 credits of the following CSIS courses:
    • CSIS 300 (3/6) Introduction to Critical Studies in Sexuality
    • CSIS 301 (3): Introduction to Trans* Studies
    • CSIS 450 (3-6) Topics in Critical Studies in Sexuality
    • CSIS 490 (3/6) Directed Topics
    • CSIS 500 (3/6) Critical Studies in Sexuality: Multidisciplinary Approaches

CSIS course descriptions can be found here.