CSIS 490: Directed Topics

Term 1 and Term 2

Students must complete the following steps before being registered into a directed studies course:

  1. Choose a topic or area of interest.
  2. Identify a faculty member you would be interested in working with and inquire if they are able to supervise the course. (Sessional Instructors are not able to supervise these courses.)
  3. Work with your supervising faculty member to design a detailed course description, forms of assessment, and a draft reading list.
  4. Once you have the approval of the supervising faculty member on these documents, please submit the details and other relevant documents in the form below.
  5. You must also include written confirmation that your supervisor has agreed to work with you. For example, a copy of email correspondence or a signed statement.
  6. If your course plan is approved by the GRSJ Undergraduate Chair you will be registered in the course by the department and informed of your registration.