Our undergraduate academic advisor is here to provide you support and assistance if you are completing or considering a major or minor in gender, race, sexuality and social justice (GRSJ).

An academic advisor can:

  • Give you general information about the program, courses, and degree requirements
  • Help you understand and complete degree requirements, how to apply, and preparing you for graduation
  • Provide you with information about transferring courses and exceptions
  • Give you advice about courses and electives
  • Support you with any issues or concerns
  • Refer you to appropriate resources such as Arts Advising

Arts Academic Advising

Arts Academic Advising supports the academic success of the Faculty’s 14,000 undergraduate students.

Arts Academic Advising provides programs and services to help you make informed and thoughtful decisions about your academic path throughout your degree program from the point of admission.

Frequently Asked Questions


Students on the waitlist are enrolled in classes in order of registration when seats become available. For GRSJ required courses, GRSJ majors and minors have priority on the waitlists. When you are moved into the class, you will receive an email confirmation.

Waitlists are updated every 1-2 days. During busy times, this may take longer.

No. Usually, classes are blocked from registration once they fill up to make sure waitlisted students get those open seats. If you drop the waitlist, you won’t be able to register and lose your position on the waitlist. Stay on the waitlist; we update the classes as often as we can.

Instructors don’t have access to the waitlists. You can email the undergraduate advisor or program assistant to find out. However, registration will shift a lot on both the class lists and waitlists before term starts. We recommend waiting until closer to the start of term as we will have a better sense of your placement and whether you might get a seat.

UBC recommends that you do, especially if you are near the top of the list. However, sometimes classrooms are limited in size and space, and this can make things difficult. Our goal is to have course outlines sent out to waitlisted students during the first week and to let the waitlists know what their options are for attending. You can always email the instructor and ask them as well.

If you are concerned about missing a requirement, contact the undergraduate advisor right away. We will help you with options to make sure you graduate on time.

Staying on the waitlist is your best bet. GRSJ majors and minors have priority for open seats in required courses.


Blocked or Restricted Classes

When classes are full, registration is blocked to accommodate waitlisted students and move them into any open seats. You can still register for the waitlist for blocked sections. Waitlists count towards your overall credit limit for the year – make sure the waitlist doesn’t exceed your credit max.

Some classes are temporarily restricted to allow majors to register or to make sure that students can get into the appropriate courses for their year standing. There are no restrictions for waitlists, and this is your best option.

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