GRSJ 300: Intersectional Approaches to Thinking Gender

Term 1

GRSJ 300 Section 901
Interdisciplinary exploration of the multiple intersections between gender and (neo)colonialism, racism, poverty, ableism, and heterosexism in a globalized world; historical and cross-cultural aspects, and the social construction of sex and gender, masculinity and femininity.

Instructor: TBA


Term 2

GRSJ 300 Section 902
This course opens up, and continues conversations on why and how feminist, anti-racist, (dis)ability and critical theories are mobilized to make visible the who and what are invisible. Namely, how power operates through privilege and marginalization. Students are asked to draw on the critical tool(s) of intersectionality to understand how gender overlaps with interdependent systems of discrimination, persecution, and subjugation. This course offers an overview of historical and contemporary issues of gender as an issue of social justice and its relevance in institutions such as the media, universities and more.

Instructor: Dr. Alifa Bandali