GRSJ 235: Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Structures in Modern Asia

GRSJ 235 – Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Structures in Modern Asia
Term 2

Dr. Nora Angeles

Now more than ever in human history we are seeing stronger and growing social and economic inequality, various forms of oppressions, and structural injustice particularly in poor and deeply divided countries and regions in Asia and beyond. Connected to GRSJ 230, which deals with “Representation,” this course focuses on “Structures” to explore and explain from interdisciplinary, intersectional, and spatial perspectives how the representational-ideological connect and intersect with, and are inseparable from material-structural realities. Learners will explore in interconnected modular topics examining the historical and contemporary continuities and changes in Asian capitalism, political economy of development, markets, states, nations, governments, family, institutions, politics, community dynamics, and the natural and built environments. Using interdisciplinary perspectives from humanities, public policy, critical development studies, social sciences and applied fields, we will examine the nexus of social, political and economic structures and intersecting axes of differences and oppressions within contemporary Asia, the complex and diverse regions where diasporic Asian migrants have resettled, and the transnational social spaces beyond Asia’s geographic borders.