MFA, University of British Columbia (2017)
BFA, Fiber Arts, University of Washington (2007)


Matt Browning is a PhD student in the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice, and a visual artist whose work concerns time, latency, and the selective and hierarchical valuation of human activity. He’s interested in the ways normative and discursive values within art, which are already historically exclusionary on racial, gendered, and cultural grounds, are increasingly expressed in the economic value of artworks. Beyond the category art, Browning is relatedly interested in how formal abstractions like value and exchange catalyze expropriation and bar access to markets. He was included in the 2017 Whitney Biennial and has recently shown work in Vancouver at the VAG and Or Gallery.


Art, value, abstraction, hierarchy, racialization, racial capitalism, philosophy of race, value dissociation, formalism

Selected Publications

Or Gallery, Western Washington University, Belkin Gallery, Whitney Museum of American Art, all 2017, Vancouver Art Gallery, 2016. (see attached CV for full listing of exhibitions, lectures, publications)

017-22 International Doctoral Fellowship
2016-17 SSRCH Affiliated Fellowship