BSoSc Major in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Major in Criminology (Simon Fraser University)
BSoSc (hon) in Gender and Transformation (University of Cape Town)
MSoSc in Gender and Transformation (University of Cape Town)


David Ng is a PhD student at The Social Justice Institute at UBC.  He is a queer, feminist, media artist, and co-founder of Love Intersections, a media arts organization of queer artists of colour.  His current research and artistic practices grapple with queer, racialized, and diasporic identity, and how intersectional identities can be expressed through media arts.  His interests include imagining new possibilities of how queer racialized artists can use their practice to transform communities.  His work has also recently included collaborations with Primary Colours / Couleurs primaires, which is a national initiative to put Indigenous arts practices at the centre of the Canadian art centre through the leadership of Indigenous artists, supported by artists of colour.

His work through Love Intersections has been exhibited at over 40 film festivals worldwide, including the KASHISH film festival (India), AKS Art and Dialogue Festival for minorities (Pakistan), Kansai Queer Film Festival (Japan), Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Image+Nation (Montreal), International Queer Migrant Film Festival (Netherlands), Scotland Queer Film Festival, Leeds Queer Film Festival, Divine Queer Film Festival (Italy), and the Queer Minorities Film Festival (Austria).