GRSJ 505: Directed Readings

GRSJ 505: Directed Readings
Term 1, Term 2, or Term 1/2

  • GRSJ 505 is available only to GRSJ graduate students (MA and PhD).
  • A total of 6 credits of Directed Readings may be counted towards your degree.


The process below must be complete before the start of the term in which you wish to take the course.

  1. Choose your topic, area of interest, and a faculty member you are interested in working with. If you need assistance finding an appropriate and willing supervisor see the GRSJ Graduate Advisor. Sessional instructors are not available to supervise any Directed Readings course.
  2. Design a course outline that you and the supervising faculty member agree to. Prepare a bibliography of primary and secondary texts, a schedule of meetings to be held with the supervisor (at least once every two weeks), and papers to be written and/or presentations to be given.
  3. Fill out the details on the form below and upload the agreement of the supervising faculty member. The form must be submitted before the registration deadline for that term and for GRSJ Graduate Chair approval.
  4. After the approval is obtained you will be registered in the course by the GRSJ Program Assistant. Please note that the course work must be completed and marks submitted before the end of the exam period for that term.