Jade Pollard-Crowe

Jade Pollard-Crowe


Jade Pollard-Crowe has traveled here from the UK to complete her Masters in the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice. She grew up in Cambridge although has strong cultural ties to her Jamaican ancestry.

Jade’s research is concerned with evaluating the possibilities and limits of arts-based activism today particularly focusing on queer, racialized, feminist artists and activists in Britain. How do artists, performers, activists work to challenge mainstream culture, dominant ideology and social constructs whilst functioning within them? What new questions are being asked and how are the outstanding questions requiring provocation being aroused?

These are some of the inquiries that underpin her thinking.

Through her own art practice, among other concerns, Jade examines the portrayal of Black bodies in popular culture and critiques these representations through a queer lens. Moving between masculine and feminine energies on stage she aims to offer audiences the opportunity to consider the celebration of gender fluidity and acknowledge the intersection, not separation, of gender, race and sexuality.

BA Hons, Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam, UK

Supervisor: Dr. Erin Silver