GRSJ 410: Religious Feminisms

GRSJ 410 (3): Religious Feminisms
Term 1

Dr. Ayesha Chaudhry

This course will explore various religious traditions through the theoretical lens of intersectionality. In doing so, we will ask broad questions such as what counts as “religion” and “religious”, who gets to decide, and how do those marginalized by various religious hierarchies create authentic religious space for themselves. We will zoom into particular religious traditions to witness the kinds of work religious feminists do to become authorities in the very traditions that might scorn them; which is another way of saying, we will witness how religious feminists participate in the creation of more expansively loving traditions. This course is intentionally concerned with community; we will read intensively and engage deeply in community. In order to participate in our class community, to enrich our conversations and be enriched by them, students are encouraged to complete readings for each class. The purpose of class meetings is to reflect, and wrestle with the texts at hand, engage in transformative interactions with each other, and to provide precious time dedicated to deep thinking.