BA Double Major Political Science and Pacific & Asian Studies, University of Victoria 2007-2012



Chany Chea graduated with an MA in Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice. She holds a BA double major with distinction in Political Science and Pacific & Asian Studies from the University of Victoria. Her SSHRC funded research is an autoethnographical exploration of the intergenerational dynamics in Cambodian genocide postmemory work. She is interested in memory work, public histories, intergenerational knowledge sharing, trauma and representational politics. She is especially interested in the representation of memory through literary, performance and visual arts.


Chany Chea’s research examines postmemory work on the Cambodian genocide produced by second generation Cambodian diaspora members in North America. Postmemory work includes literature, film, visual art and music that represents living with the memory of a genocide which was not experienced first-hand (by the second generation producer), but by their parents. Her analysis questions how the second generation negotiates the production of postmemory work in an environment of culturally explained silence, fragmented narratives (due to dislocation, the passing of time and the nature of intergenerational transmission), politics, and the difficulty of representing familial memories. She approaches her work through an autoethnographical perspective.

SSHRC Joseph Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship
UBC College of Interdisciplinary Studies Award
Graduate Student Initiative Scholarship
Presidents Scholarship
Center for Asia Pacific Initiatives Language Fellowship
University of Victoria International Activities Award