Why the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice?

The Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice (GRSJ) explores themes of diversity, equality, gender, race, sexuality, and community in a critical, intersectional feminist, and anti-colonial context. GRSJ offers an interdisciplinary program which incorporates research and theories from the social sciences, humanities, science, education, and law to provide students with an understanding of global and local social justice issues from a variety of perspectives. Areas of study include: critical race theory, indigenous studies, family, migration, sexuality, social policy, and community action. Within the GRSJ Institute, the affiliated Critical Studies in Sexuality (CSIS) program explores issues to do with gender and sexual diversities.

Get Experience

Building your career takes more than academics. Apply your studies to gain relevant experiences. Whether you choose one of the experiences below that are particularly suited for GRSJ students, or one of the many other great opportunities available, you’ll learn new things, make new friends, network, and set yourself apart. It all counts.

Community Based Research and Learning

Work and learn in community settings like non-profits and inner city schools. Take a course with a community-based experiential learning component and develop an understanding of community contexts and the systemic factors underlying community needs. Whether it is a course or signing up for Trek & Reading Week placements, International Service Learning,or a grant project in community, you’ll build skills in real-world settings and make invaluable connections with people in community.

Student Directed Seminars

Senior undergraduate students can either participate in, or initiate and coordinate small, collaborative, group learning experiences. Previous seminars have included GRSJ 425C, “Development of the Modern State and Sexuality” and GRSJ 425, “Lifting the Veil: Representations of Middle-Eastern Women.”

Degree Learning Outcomes

Through an examination of culture, politics, and public policy (locally, nationally and transnationally), students of the Institute for Social Justice gain the critical thinking, communication, problem solving, research, teamwork, leadership, and advocacy skills which will allow them to understand and engage with the ways systems of power and oppression shape how humans interact with each other and with broader society.

Alumni in GRSJ and CSIS have gone on to employment around the world. Their understanding of marginalization issues are assets in a broad range of fields, among them education and human resources. They report that GRSJ’s new perspectives on gender and sexuality also continue to benefit their work in other spheres from law to urban planning. Other career examples of alumni employment include advocacy work in government, the nonprofit sector, the health field and international development.

Career Possibilities

Social Policy Researcher conducts research, develops policy, and implements or administers programs in areas such as consumer affairs, employment, immigration, human rights, housing, labour, family services, foreign aid, and international development.

Lobbyists use excellent communication skills and experience in research and debate to influence government policy and legislation on behalf of clients or organizations.

Other Potential Careers

Human Rights Officer
Community Development Coordinator
Gender Equity Advisor
Public Information Officer
Public Relations Officer
Diversity Consultant
Policy Analyst
Community Relations Specialist
Social Compliance Advisor
Corporate Communications Coordinator
Human Resources Diversity Specialist
Re-settlement Worker
Crisis Worker/Intake/Referral Worker
Children’s Rights Advocate
Substance Abuse Counsellor
Labour Organizer
Consumer Affairs Advocate
Outreach Worker
Discrimination/Harassment Investigator
Youth Worker
Executive Director of a Non-Profit
Event Planner
Project Manager
Foreign Service Officer
Public Relations Specialist

Academic Next Steps

This interdisciplinary degree prepares students for further study in GRSJ and a variety of fields including:

Health Studies
Human Resources
International and Public Affairs
Policy Studies
Population and Public Health