GRSJ 325: Anti-Colonial and Feminist Qualitative Methods


This course will serve as an introduction and overview to anti-colonial and feminist qualitative methodologies. We will first explore the concept of “global cognitive justice” (Santos et al.) by discussing the relationship between colonial power and knowledge, including feminist critiques of claims to objectivity, neutrality, and universal truth. Next, we will explore anti-colonial, anti-racist, feminist, and queer methodological approaches for archival research, oral history, ethnography, performance studies, and mapping. We will discuss the limits and possibilities of different methodological approaches as we consider how to conduct interdisciplinary research. Since the final project for this class will be to write an original research proposal we will be equally concerned with the practical side of conducting research in this class. Over the course of the term, we will have the opportunity to talk with guest speakers about their respective research practices. Every week we will test out research methods and discuss research strategies. Students will gain confidence and familiarity with practical, ethical, and theoretical considerations when conducting anti-colonial and feminist research.

Instructor: Dr. Rosanne Sia