GRSJ 320: Anti-racist Feminist Pedagogies

GRSJ 320 (3): Anti-racist Feminist Pedagogies
Term 2

Dr. Litsa Chatzivasileiou

This course begins with the assumption that all Western forms of knowledge production and pedagogy are Eurocentric and rooted in earlier colonial processes of knowledge extraction from Indigenous cultures. Imperial learning has imposed complete disorder on colonized peoples disconnecting them from their histories, their landscapes, their languages, their social relations and their own ways of thinking, feeling and interacting with the world. This systematic fragmentation can still be seen in the disciplinary carve up of the Indigenous world: bones, mummies and skulls to the museums, art work to private collectors, languages to linguistics, customs to anthropologists, beliefs and behaviors to psychologists. Thus we examine the role of museums, art collections, human zoos, science and disciplines such as anthropology and ethnography in the production of colonial knowledge in early modern European history of education till the present moment. We also explore anti-racist, decolonial ways of researching, teaching and learning that are guided by radical Indigenous methodologies and activist, intersectional grass root anti-oppression work.