GRSJ 316: Queer and Trans of Colour Theorizing

World-Making, Performance, and Survival

This class offers a broad overview of queer and trans of colour theorizing that will open up contesting theories and approaches to these fields. In our first classes we will explore how women of colour feminisms have been an important intellectual genealogy for these fields. We will also consider how Indigenous thinkers complicate queer and trans of color theorizing by applying a decolonizing lens to race, gender, and sexuality. We will cover three major themes in this class: 1) state violence 2) diaspora and mestizaje and 3) world-making and performance. First, we will consider how racial, gender, and sexual norms have been produced and deployed to target queer and trans of colour lives for state violence, regulation, and policing. Second, we will explore how diaspora and mestizaje have shaped queer and trans of color lives. Third, we will explore how performance has been a critical resource for queer and trans of colour world-making that has opened up opportunities for creative self-fashioning, alternative kinship formation, alliances and coalitions, and decolonial relationships.

Instructor: Dr. Rosanne Sia