GRSJ 101: Introduction to Social Justice

GRSJ 101: Introduction to Social Justice

An overview of intersectional feminist debates and theoretical traditions.

Section 001
#revolution: feminism, social justice, and social media
This course provides an introduction to intersectional feminist scholarship and an examination of social constructions of gender, race, and sexuality and how they are shaped by particular contexts, times, and places. We will focus on the ways that contemporary feminist debates are reproduced and understood in media, popular culture, and social media. For example, what do feminist hashtag campaigns on Twitter contribute to discussions of social justice? How is social justice represented on sites like TikTok or Instagram? How might we use social media effectively as a tool for social change? In exploring these various means of expression and activism, we will attempt to answer the question: how can we understand social justice in a social media world?

Instructor: Dr. Kim Snowden

Section 002
Instructor: TBA

Section 202
Instructor: TBA

Section 227 (CAP)
This course explores interdisciplinary anti-racist and gendered perspectives that examine power, privilege and oppression. Along with academic scholarship, students are asked to think with art, media and lived experiences that are all crucial to social justice. Students will develop their critical thinking and writing skills and become familiar with key terms and concepts, such as discrimination and intersectionality to examine allyship, hashtag activism, the media and how these all inform social justice work and initiatives.

Instructor: Dr. Alifa Bandali