Social Justice Institute Virtual Gallery

Welcome to the Social Justice Institute Virtual Art Gallery

Current Exhibitions:

The Reciprocal Realization of "Whispers of Life"
Joshua M. Ferguson

Painted Stories of Migration
Katherine Fobear

The GRSJ Virtual Digital Gallery Curatorial Collective is composed of graduate students at the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice (GRSJ) at UBC Vancouver, as well as the Virtual Gallery Graduate Student Assistant (GAA). 

The GRSJ Virtual & Digital Gallery Curatorial Collective welcomes exhibition proposals from all artists with a demonstrated commitment to social justice. Artists from marginalized communities and communities that have been underrepresented on the arts scene are especially encouraged to submit a proposal and will be given preference.

All exhibition proposals are reviewed by the Curatorial Collective and assessed according to the curatorial principles. Guidelines for submission and information about the review process are outlined below.

Submissions are accepted between May and August of every year. All proposals should include:

1. An Artist(s) Statement— (1000 words maximum) clearly outlining how the proposed exhibit relate to and further social justice. The artist’s statement should reflect that you have read the basic curatorial principles of the GRSJ Virtual & Digital Gallery and it needs to explain how your art work(s) fit with the mandate of our gallery.

2. Samples of the art work — if possible but not required (a written explanation of the intended artwork will suffice if examples are not possible). These samples could take various forms (images, video samples, etc.). Samples can be emailed as attachments or you could simply provide us with a link to you website or dropbox.

3. An Artist(s) Bio and Resume — (1000 words maximum). Proposals from new and emerging artists are just as welcome as more experienced artists, but we would like to get an idea of your background. If the artwork is displayed by a series of artists or a larger community group/organization, please provide information on the artists or the collective/organization.

4. Copyright Information—Information and clarification on ownership of the intended artwork to be displayed. Artists will maintain ownership of their artwork and will grant the TITLE Virtual Gallery a non-exclusive license to exhibit their work. All artists’ exhibits must be free of other copyright work unless the artist has received permission to use this copyright work referenced in the exhibit from the other artists or community group/organization.

5. Contact information. 

Proposals are submitted by email to

Review Process and Timeline

All proposals are reviewed by the full curatorial collective. Decisions will normally be made within six to eight weeks of receiving your proposal (please allow for at least four weeks to pass before requesting an update). In accordance with feminist curatorial principles, all proposals will receive feedback and a clear explanation for our decision. Selected exhibiting artists will receive a honorarium of $500 (per exhibition).

The GRSJ Virtual & Digital Gallery is operated by the Curatorial Collective consisting of graduate students and a Graduate Student Assistant (GAA) hired by the GRSJ Institute at the recommendation of the Collective.

The GAA assists the Collective in organizing and promoting the virtual exhibits, as well as being a liaison to the contributing artists, students, and faculty. The Curatorial Collective meets in-person twice per term (including the winter and spring reviews). Communication is otherwise by email. At the end of the Winter terms, the Collective meets for a yearly project review that is open to all GRSJ students, staff, and faculty. The project review will assess the general running of gallery operations, as well as evaluate the gallery participation level and other concerns.

Creative Commons License

GRSJ Digital Art Gallery by Joshua M. Ferguson, Katherine Fobear, and the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.