Critical Racial & Anti-Colonial Studies (CRACS)


The Critical Racial & Anti-Colonial Studies (CRACS) Research Network assembles UBC scholars whose work overlaps with themes covered by anti-racist and anti-colonial political movements, with a focus on advancing a notion of social justice that foregrounds social transformation, not merely social inclusion. We hope to achieve this work through the promotion of scholarship and conversations, in the form of talks, lectures, workshops, and sponsorship of student-led initiatives.

For more information, visit the CRACS website.

Faculty Members

Denise Ferreira da Silva (Social Justice Institute, GRSJ), Convener

JP Catungal (GRSJ), Convener

Dina Al-Kassim (English/GRSJ)

Vanessa Andreotti (Educational Studies)

Phanuel Antwi (English)

Erin Baines (Liu Institute for Global Studies)

Glen Coulthard (Political Science/FNIS)

Mark Harris (GRSJ/Law and Society)

Annette Henry (Language and Literacy Education)

Johnny Mack (Law)

Daniel Justice (English/FNIS)

Renisa Mawani (Sociology)

Dory Nason (GRSJ/FNIS)

Chris Patterson (GRSJ)

Manuel Pina (AHVA)

Sharon Stein (Educational Studies)

Pilar Riano-Alcala (GRSJ)

Janice Stewart (GRSJ)

Y-Dang Troeung (English)

Handel Wright (Educational Studies)

Cristina Zanotti (Civil Engineering)

Graduate Students

Taq Bhandal (PhD Student, GRSJ)

Matt Browning (PhD, GRSJ)

Ine Beljaars (PhD Student, GRSJ)

Valentina Desideri (MA, GRSJ)

Ann-Marie Hamilton (MA, GRSJ)

Jhonelle Nelson (MA Student, GRSJ)

David Ng (PhD Student, GRSJ)

Amilcar Packer (PhD GRSJ)

Maddie Reddon (PhD Student, English)

Marika Yeo (PhD, GRSJ)