MA, English Language and Literature, Tianjin Normal University (2003)
BA, English Language and Literature, North University of China (2000)


Xianghui Li compared three Chinese translations of Jane Austen’s Emma in her B.A. thesis. Her M.A. dissertation looked at how the aesthetic effect of suspense is created in George Eliot’s Middlemarch from the literary stylistic perspective.  As an ESL teacher, besides teaching English listening, reading and linguistics, she was interested in studying literary works from the stylistic perspective, and applying the stylistic approach to various discourse types in her English classes. She worked on a three-year project on a stylistic analysis of American women writers’ short stories at the turn of the twentieth century. She has also been working in the past two years on improving students’ listening comprehension in English-Chinese interpretation.


I plan to study domestic violence against Chinese mainland immigrant women in Canada. My research will investigate battered Chinese mainland immigrant women in different contexts of intimate relationships with men of different cultural, ethnic and citizenship backgrounds, and explore how the women’s historical, political, economic, and cultural backdrop and the Canadian Immigration Policy are associated with the characteristics of domestic violence they experience in Canada.

Selected Publications

Li, Xianghui. A Stylistic and Narrative Analysis of American Women Writers’ Short Stories in the Early Twentieth Century. Beijing: China Youth Publishing Group, 2017. Print.

Li, Xianghui. “Points of View of Edith Wharton’s Short Story ‘Roman Fever’.” Language Education 4.3 (2016): 81-91.

Li, Xianghui. ‘A Stylistic Analysis of the Male Protagonist in “Ernie Mendenhall”’. Journal of Language and Literature Studies 24.2 (2016): 71-75.

International Tuition Award
Faculty of Arts Graduate Award