BA (Great Honor), International Studies & Law and Public Administration, Korea University (2014)


Sejin Um is an MA student at the Social Justice Institute who is interested in social inequality based on gender, race and class; work and family; and migration. She holds a BA in International Studies and Law and Public Administration from Korea University.

Prior to joining the MA program, she worked in a male-oriented corporate culture which strengthened her passion for feminist research and activism. During the past two years, which is known as the period of ‘feminism reboot’ in Korea, she studied feminist theories and women’s movement through engaging in activism across multiple organizations and groups. She is currently an administrator of a feminist activist group, 페미몬스터즈(Femimonsters).


My broad research interests are in the areas of feminist theory, postcolonial theory, critical race theory and migration studies.

In the era of globalization, declining birth rate and aging population, we need to rethink family, labour, and citizenship focusing on goals such as gender equality, deconstruction of homogeneous and heteronormative family structures, and multiculturalism. However, some countries burdened with colonial legacy and unfinished nation-building process, such as Korea, seem to take the opposite route. I am interested in examining the intersection of the nation’s concept of manhood and womanhood constructed post-independence, colonized masculinity, and ethnic nationalism in Korea. I intend to interrogate its influence on contemporary labour market, and how it is both experienced and challenged by women today.

International Tuition Award (2017)
Faculty of Arts Graduate Award (2017)