Pilar Riaño-Alcalá is a professor at the Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice Institute and co-lead of the Memory and Justice Studies Research Stream. She is an anthropologist and interdisciplinary scholar. Her research interests are on historical memory, the lived experience of violence and the ethnography of social repair; and performance and community public art. Pilar also has interest in exploring critical research methodologies that foster interactive, process-based methods and tap into the various ways of knowing and organizing knowledge. She is currently working on two projects, Transformative Memory: Strengthening an International Network (with Erin Baines) and Exhumations and Reburial in Colombia: Strengthening forensic practices.


Pilar is the author of “Dwellers of Memory. Youth and Violence in Medellin, Colombia” (Transaction Publishers, 2006) and the editor of Remembering and Narrating Conflict. Resources for doing historical memory work (2013). She is the editor with Erin Baines of the Special Issue “Transitional Justice and the Everyday” (International Journal of Transitional Justice, 2012) and with Catherine Le Grand and Luis van Isschot of the Special Issue “Land, Memory and Justice: Challenges for Peace” (Canadian Journal of Latin America and Caribbean Studies, 2017).