BA, Environmental Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder (2013)
MA, Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, University of British Columbia (2017)


Noal graduated with a bachelor’s in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her Honors thesis focused on social movements for food sovereignty. In 2014 she joined At Films on a participatory filmmaking project in Cameroon. There she collaborated with local communities to co-produced a series of films telling African stories about the critically endangered Cross River gorilla. When she returned home she began planning and fundraising for a second project. In the summer of 2015 she co-produced a series of films in Central Asia about snow leopards and mountain ungulates, using her shared language and culture to connect with local communities. She remains a producer at At Films and plans to continue such filmmaking projects, hoping to use film to address issues of gender and social justice. She would like to continue to focus her work in Central Asia, particularly in Afghanistan, where her family is from.

Boulder-Dushanbe Sister Cities Grant
Lush Charity Pot Foundation Grant