PhD, English, University of California at Santa Barbara (2013)
MA, English, University of California at Santa Barbara (2008)
BA, s.c.l., English and Secondary Education: English, University of Scranton (2005)


Judith Paltin joined the Department of English at UBC in 2014 as an assistant professor in Modernism, after receiving her Ph.D. from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Her writing and teaching focus on 20/21 c. British, Irish, and South Asian literatures in English. The literatures in which she concentrates are particularly concerned with the performative ways in which subjectivities might be transformed through semantic and symbolic play. At UBC, Paltin teaches courses in the Department of English in Modernism, 20th-century studies, literary theory and critical social and cultural theory, such as this year’s ENGL 464 (Studies in the Twentieth Century): Women’s Writing and Media: From Fordism to Cyber-culture. This course reads through a range of women’s mediated self-representations, that is, texts which are particularly aware of media’s normalizing and governing force, as well as of its limits and vulnerability to reform or deformance. In the past, she has taught several subjects at the secondary level, and substituted in classes from preschool through grade 12, and has also done a fair bit of musical performance in choral conducting and singing, piano and classical guitar.


My research in general pursues queries about queer, minor and collectivist performances at the intersection of literary, social and cultural theory. My current research focuses on the crowds of British and Irish modernism and on modern and contemporary theories of collective identification, radical forms of democracy, and action. I am engaged in a monograph project in literary/cultural studies tentatively titled Modernism’s Agile Crowds, centered on a modernist intertextual project to critique, anatomize and refigure the twentieth-century urban crowd, its performativity and its politics. I also have interests in literature and music, environmental humanities, literature and mind, and critical university studies.

Selected Publications


Music, Intermediality and Shock in Ulysses.” The James Joyce Quarterly, forthcoming.

“Problems with Theory of Mind in Victory,” Conradiana 46.1-2 (2015), pp. 95-107 | DOI: 10.1353/cnd.2015.0006.

“‘An Infected Carrier of the Past’: Modernist Nature as the Ground of Anti-Realism,” Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, 20.4 (2013), 778-794.

“Conrad’s Agile Crowds,” The Conradian 38.1 (2013), 1-21.

“Trifling Farce or Lyric Drama? The Clue Tendered by Algy’s Romantic Blunder in The Importance of Being Earnest,The Wildean 39 (2011), 116-20.

“Grammar by Ear: Teaching Grammar Skills by Immersion and Imitation,” coauthored with Dr. Toni Glover, Louisiana English Journal 9 (2005), 35-48.  

Conference Proceedings

“Losing Neverland: The Homes that Colonized Women Imagine from Homer’s Calypso to Rhys’ Antoinette,” 2007 Proceedings, Hawaii Intl. Conference on Arts and Humanities.

“The New England Writers’ Battle for British Enlightenment during the Civil War,” 2005 Proceedings of the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

Book Reviews, Conference Reports, Other

“Temporizing Modernities: Review of Nicholas, Jane, The Modern Girl: Feminism Modernities, the Body, and Commodities in the 1920s and Gifford, James, Personal Modernisms: Anarchist Networks and the Later Avant-Gardes,” Canadian Literature 225 (2016), 141-2.

“Adaptive Anxieties: Strategic Confrontations in Eco-Joyce: Review of Brazeau, Robert, and Derek Gladwin. Eco-Joyce: The Environmental Imagination of James Joyce.” Cork: Cork University Press, 2014). Journal of Ecocriticism, forthcoming.

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“’Patternmind’ and ‘paradigmatic ear’: Reading Joyce a long the Krommerun at the XXIV International James Joyce Symposium, Utrecht University, 15-20 June 2014,” The James Joyce Literary Supplement 28.2 (Winter 2015).

“‘A beautiful pure sweet mellow English tenor’: ‘Joyce and England’ at the 18th Irregular Miami J’yce Birthday Conference, Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2013,” The James Joyce Quarterly, 49.1 (Fall, 2013), 18-21.

SSHRC Insight Development Grant, 2015-2017
Leading Scholars Program, Green College, UBC, 2014-2016
Graduate Dean’s Advancement Fellowship, UC Santa Barbara, 2012
Graduate Opportunity Fellowship, UC Santa Barbara, 2010-11
William and Marjorie Frost Memorial Award, UCSB English, 2009