In addition to her roles as Co-Chair of Critical Studies in Sexuality and Undergraduate Chair, Janice teaches in English Department and in the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice. Her major fields of research are British Modernism and Critical Theory. She is currently working on a series of articles dealing with issues of sexuality, including Contagion theory, Censorship and Homosexual Panic in the trial of Radclyffe Hall; Locked in a Room of One’s Own; Querying the Quest for keys to Woolf’s Madness; Shadows in a Cracked Mirror The Spectre in The Well of Loneliness; and Totemic Subjects:Cultural Appropriations and Identificatory Practices in Emily Carr’s “Indian Stories.

Selected Publications

Stewart, Janice.  “Queer Pedagogy?:  Contagion and Heterosexual Panic Surrounding the Trial of The Well of Loneliness”  Forthcoming thirdspace 2012.

Stewart, Janice.  “Thoroughly Modern Melancholia: Virginia Woolf, Writer, Daughter” Woolf Studies Annual  V 16:  2010.  133-154.

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