Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto, 1992, Ph.D., Sociology of Education
Queen’s University, 1984, MA, Physical and Health Education


Since 1995, Dr. Becki Ross has held a joint appointment in the Institute of Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice and the Department of Sociology. She teaches and researches in the areas of the history of sexuality, ‘the family’, gender relations, qualitative methods, anti-racist studies, critical sport studies, and queer culture. Becki is the recipient of two teaching awards (2005 & 2008). She has supervised/co-supervised graduate students on diverse topics: the history of sexual education in BC, representations of gender and ‘race’ in video games and mainstream advertising, queer spaces on Canadian university campuses, contemporary butch/femme relations, bi-racial South Asian women’s heterosexuality, inter-racial white/Asian gay male relationships, and queer courtship & marriage in Vancouver. Dr. Ross’s publications appear the Journal of Historical SociologySexualities, Journal of Women’s History, Labour/le travailCanadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, and the Journal of the History of Sexuality. With Sharon Lebenkoff she completed a 35-page chapter (online) for McGraw Hill Ryerson on themes of dating, marriage, cohabitation, and same-sex relations. With Oralia Gomez-Ramirez, Dr. Ross contributed an article on the state regulation of recruiters in the adult entertainment industry (exotic dancing, specifically) for a special issue on “Burlesque” by the Canadian Theatre Review. Becki is completing a manuscript titled, Expelled: The Neo-Colonial Rule of Unruly Sexual Subjects in Vancouver, 1975-1985.  On the administrative front, Dr. Ross was the co-chair of Critical Studies in Sexuality (2004-2007). From 2009-2012 she served as the Chair of the (then) undergraduate program in Women’s and Gender Studies.  In 2012-2013, Dr. Ross was a consultant on the exhibit, “Sex Talk in the City: the classroom, the bedroom, the street” for the Museum of Vancouver (MOV). She coordinated the first ‘all sex worker’ panel at the MOV in April 2013, and co-led, with Jamie Lee Hamilton, “Strolling the Stroll,” a commemorative tour of 10 landmarks along what was once the Davie Street stroll in Vancouver’s West End.


SSHRC Standard Research Grant, 2007-2011 ($79,000) “The Expulsion of Sex Workers from Vancouver’s West End, 1975-1985”

Hampton Fund, University of British Columbia, 2003-2006 ($20,000),  “Carnival Girlie Shows: Staging Burlesque under the Big Tent, 1910-1970”

SSHRC Standard Research Grant, 1999-2003 ($51,000) “Cabarets, Nightclubs, and Burlesque in Postwar Vancouver, 1945-1980”

UBC-HSS (SSHRC) Small Grants, University of British Columbia, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005

Hampton Fund, University of British Columbia, 2000-2002 ($20,000), “Bodies of Memory, War Memorial Gymnasium, UBC,” [with 3 colleagues]

Selected Publications


Journal articles and editorials

Becki L. Ross and Jamie Lee Hamilton. “Loss Must be Marked and it Cannot be Represented:  Memorializing Sex Workers in Vancouver’s West End.” BC Studies: The British Columbian Quarterly, 197 (Spring 2018): 9-38.

Becki Ross and Oralia Gomez-Ramirez, “Extinguishing the Temptation of ‘Monetary Inducements’:  The State Regulation and Stigmatization of Adult Entertainment Recruiters at Job Fairs in British Columbia.” Canadian Theatre Review, 158 (Spring 2014): 39-44. (Ross 80%)

Becki Ross and Rachael Sullivan, “Tracing Lines of Horizontal Hostility: How Sex Workers and Gay Liberation Activists Battled for Space, Voice, and Belonging in Vancouver, 1975-1985,” Special Double Issue on Sex Work, Sexualities 15:5/6 (September 2012): 604-621. (Ross 80%)

Reprint (with revisions): “Outdoor Brothel Culture: Trans Sex Work in Vancouver’s West End, 1975-1985,” revised for Queer Sex Work, eds. Mary Laing, Katy Picher, and Nicola Smith. London: Taylor & Francis, 2014, pp. 189-199.


Books and edited collections

Becki Ross, Burlesque West: Showgirls, Sex, and Sin in Postwar Vancouver. University of Toronto Press, 2009.

Becki Ross, The House That Jill Built: A Lesbian Nation in Formation. University of Toronto Press, August 1995.


Book chapters

“Whorganizers and Gay Activists: Histories of Convergence, Contemporary Currents of  Divergence, and the Promise of Non-Normative Futures.” In Chris Bruckert, Elya Durisin, and Emily van der Meulen (Eds.) Red Light Labour:  Regulation, Agency, and Resistance. Vancouver: UBCPress, 2018:   256-271.

“Outdoor Brothel Culture: The Un/Making of a Trans Stroll in Vancouver’s West End, 1975-1984,” in Queer Sex Work, Mary Laing, Katy Pilcher, Nicola Smith, eds., London: Routledge: Taylor & Francis Group, 2015,  189-199.

“Men Behind the Marquee: Greasing the Wheels of Professional Striptease in Vansterdam, 1950-1975. In Magda Fahrni and Robert Rutherdale, eds. Creating Postwar Canada: Community, 1945-1975. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2008:  217-240.

 ““Entertaining Femininities: Embodied Exhibitions of Striptease and Sport, 1950-1975,” in Physical Culture, Power and the Body, Patricia Vertinsky and Jennifer Hargreaves, “Critical Sport Studies” Series, London and New York: Routledge, Fall 2006, 121-141.

Finalist, Legacy Awards, “Lifetime Achievement,” Vancouver Pride Society, July 2013