Ayesha S. Chaudhry is the Canada Research Chair in Religion, Law and Social Justice and Associate Professor of Islamic studies and Gender studies at the University of British Columbia, where she has served on the Board of Governors. In 2018, she was named a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Fellow and in 2019, she will be inducted as Member of the College of the Royal Society of Canada. She was a 2016-17 Wall Scholar at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Study at UBC and she was the 2015-16 Rita E. Hauser fellow at Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University. She is the author of Domestic Violence and the Islamic Tradition: Ethics, Law, and the Muslim Discourse on Gender (Oxford University Press, 2014). She has consulted on high-level national and international cases concerning human rights, religious freedom, and pluralism. She works with NGOs and international development organizations to improve women’s rights and promote pluralism. She is currently working on two major projects, one entitled “Feminist Shari’a” and a trilogy entitled “The Colour of God”.



Research Mentorship Program Award, “Living Islam Between Text and Practice: A Case Study of Domestic Violence”. 2014-2015

Co-Authored book with Randi Rashkover and Rachel Muers: Difficult Texts or Difficult Women?: The Challenge of Scripture to Feminist Readings.

Selected Publications

Domestic Violence and the Islamic Tradition: Ethics, Law and the Muslim Discourse on Gender.  In press, Oxford University Press, publication Fall 2013. (

“Lexical Definitions of Nushūz in Qur’anic Exegesis: A Comparative Analysis of Marital Discord in Q. 4:34 and Q. 4:128” in The Meaning of the Word: Lexicology and TafsirVolume in the Qur’anic Studies Series.  Oxford University Press and Institute of Ismaili Studies.  (In press)

“I wanted one thing and God wanted another…”: The Dilemma of the Prophetic Example and the Qur’anic Injunction On Wife-Beating”, Journal of Religious Ethics 39 (3) (2011) 416-39.

“The Ethics of Marital Discipline in Pre-Modern Qur’anic Exegesis” in Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, 30 (2) (2010) 123-30.

Oncofertility as Divine Intervention in the Qur’ān in Oncofertility: Reflections from the Humanities and Social Sciences. ed. T. K. Woodfuff, L. Zoloth, L. Campo-Engelstein and S Rodriguez. (New York: Springer; 2010) 287-94.

“Women Reading Texts on Marriage”.  Co-Authored with Rachel Muers and Randi Rashkover. Feminist Theology, 17 (2) (2009) 191-209

The Problems of Conscience and Hermeneutics: A Survey of Contemporary Approaches”,Journal for Comparative Islamic Studies, 2 (2) (2006) 157-70.