Faculty Associates

Faculty Associates can supervise graduate students at the Institute. See below for complete list:

Anderson, Scott A. PhilosophyArtsAssociateaffirmative action, civil rights, domestic violence, employment, equity, feminism, human rights, inequality, law, pornography, prostitution, rape, sex, sex industry, sex work, sexual assault, sexual harassment, social policy, technology, women, gender, coercion, privacy, domination
Anderson, K. SiwanEconomicsArtsProfessormarriage, dowry, bride price, missing women, female savings groups, India, Kenya, female autonomy, Bangladesh
Averill, GageDean’s OfficeArtsDeanEthnomusicology, Haitian music
Boschma, GeertjeNursingApplied ScienceProfessormental health, nursing history, history of mental health (western Canada), oral history, gender and health, family and community responses to psychiatric care
Bloch, AlexiaAnthropologyArtsAssociateMigration, Mobility and immobility, Anthropology of gender, Statelessness, Ethnographic methods and writing; Socialist cultures and projects of modernity; Eurasia; Peoples of Siberia
Briggs, MarleneEnglishArtsAssistantconflict, gender, memory, mourning, reconstruction, testimony, trauma, war, writing
Browne, AnnetteNursingApplied ScienceProfessorhealth and healthcare inequities, with a particular focus on health inequities affecting indigenous peoples
Brown, HelenNursingApplied ScienceAssociatewomen’s health, maternal-infant health care and nursing practices, Aboriginal health, vulnerable populations, health inequities, structural context of health and health care, social determinants of maternal-infant health, critical theoretical perspectives, Indigenous knowledge, health care and nursing ethics, feminist participatory research, decolonizing knowledges, community-based research, critical hermeneutic methods, critical ethnography
Castricano, JodeyCritical Studies, UBC-O Creative and Critical Studies Associategender studies, queer, cultural and psychoanalytic theory, postcolonial studies, gothic studies (fiction, film), animal studies, humanities/digital technology, virtual reality
Chan, JenniferEducational Studies EducationAssociateAsia, education, Europe, feminism, food, globalization, human rights, immigration, multicultural, pornography, post-colonial, post-modern, post-structuralist, reproductive rights, sexual harassment, social movement, transnational
Chapman, MaryEnglishArtsProfessorAmerican literature and transnational American Studies; in particular, intersections between cultural forms (i.e. suffrage activism, print culture, parlor theatricals, parades), literary production, and politics in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century America
Cheek, TimothyInst. of Asian ResearchArtsProfessorModern China, particularly China’s intellectuals and Chinese Communist Party history. Current projects include contemporary Chinese intellectuals and Chinese thought, writings of Mao Zedong (Yan’an period), and Chinese historiography.
Cole, PeterCurriculum and Pedagogy EducationAssistantIndigenous education; Aboriginalizing/indigenizing research methodology; orality; narrativity; environmental thought; Indigenous self-determination and self-governance; traditional Aboriginal and Indigenous technologies.
Dalziel, PamelaEnglishArtsAssociateVictorian literature
Daniluk, JudithEducational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education EducationProfessorabortion, birth control, bisexuality, breastfeeding, bulimia, divorce, family planning, female genital mutilation, feminism, fertility, gay, gay marriage, health, homosexuality, infertility, lesbian, menopause, mother, parenting, pornography, pregnancy, prostitution, puberty, reproduction, sex, sexuality, women
Dixon, JoyHistoryArtsAssociatehistory; gender; sexuality; religion; science; culture; empire; queer; theology
Fee, MargeryEnglishArtsProfessorCanadian literature, comparative aboriginal literature, postcolonial theory
Frackman, KyleCentral, Eastern and Northern European Studies (CENES) Human Early Learning Partnership Assistant Professor18th- to 20th-century German and Austrian literature, German and Nordic film, gender studies, feminist theory, queer theory, music history, cultural studies, German, Swedish, Finnish language
Frank, BlyeDean’s Office EducationProfessordiversity, sociology of masculinity, boys’ and men’s health
Frelick, NancyFrench, Hispanic and Italian Studies Human Early Learning Partnership AssociateAuto/biography, Europe, feminism, feminist, post-colonial, post-modern, post-structuralist, sexuality, theory, women, writing, literature, literary theory & criticism, comparative literature, cultural studies, psychoanalysis, gender studies
Fuller, SylviaSociologyHuman Early Learning Partnership Associateunderstanding the relationships among changing employment relations, institutional and regulatory contexts, and patterns of inequality and economic insecurity (particularly as this relates to intersections of gender, class, ethnicity and citizenship).
Gurstein, PennySchool of Community & Regional Planning Applied ScienceProfessorwomen and work, women and community planning and development, women and poverty, youth participation in planning, social construction of marginalization
Guy-Bray, StephenEnglishHuman Early Learning Partnership ProfessorRenaissance poetry, queer literary history and queer comparative literature
Hare, JanLanguage Literacy and Education EducationAssociateAdolescent Issues, Children and Youth, Cultural Studies, Early Childhood, First Nations education, Historical Perspectives, Literacy
Irwin, RitaCurriculum and Pedagogy EducationProfessoreducation, arts education, socio-cultural concerns, gender studies, international studies, a/r/tography, practice-based research, post-qualitative, teacher education, professional development
Johnson, ShellySocial Work Human Early Learning Partnership Assistant ProfessorIndigenous child well-being, trauma and education, political and community-based leadership, justice, advocacy and activism
Justice, DanielFirst Nations and Indigenous Studies Human Early Learning Partnership ProfessorAboriginal Studies and Indigenous Native North American literatures, Cultural studies and literary history, and Speculative fiction
Karwowska, BozenaCentral, Eastern and Northern European Studies Human Early Learning Partnership Associatewomen in Russian and Polish literature and culture, Nazi concentration camps, body, sexuality, exile, women immigrants
Kazanjian, ArmineeSchool of Population and Public Health MedicineProfessorWomen, health, health care, insurance, equity, ethnicity, international, work, workplace
Kershaw, PaulHuman Early Learning Partnership School of Population and Public HealthAssociatesocial citizenship, social care, child care, class, day care, domestic workers, employment, family, father, feminism, feminist, government, income assistance, inequality, interdisciplinarity, intersectionality, masculinities, mother, politics, race, rights, responsibilities, social policy, social security, taxes, theory, welfare, women, work
Law, HeddySchool of Music ArtsAssistant ProfessorHistory of Music
Lee, ChrisEnglishArtsAssociateAsian diaspora studies (including Asian Canadian, Asian American, and comparative studies), critical race studies, transnational studies, literary and critical theory, and aesthetic philosophy
Legault, MarianneFrench – UBCO Creative and Critical StudiesAssociateearly modern French, literature, lesbian studies, women’s literary production, history
Loutzenheiser, LisaCurriculum and Pedagogy EducationAssociatemulticultural, anti-racist curriculum and pedagogy, intersection of race, gender, class, sexuality in schooling, alternative education, foster care, curriculum theory, qualitative methods, social studies, gender/queer/theories, anthropology/social sciences of education
Mawani, RenisaSociologyArtsAssociateempire, governmentality, biopolitics, nationalism, racism, affect, transnational history, law and space
McNeill, LaurieEnglish/Coordinated Arts Program ArtsInstructor 1auto/biography and genre studies
Myers, TamaraHistoryArtsAssociatewomen’s and girls’ history, history of adolescence, juvenile delinquency, Quebec and Canada
Nason, DorothyEnglish/First Nations and Indigenous Studies ArtsAssistant ProfessorIndigenous feminism and literature
Orbaugh, SharalynAsian Studies ArtsProfessorwomen writers – Japan
Pratt, GeraldineGeographyArtsProfessorfeminist geography, labour, immigration, film
Pue, WesleyPeter A. Allard School of LawUBC-OProfessorAustralia, curriculum, civil rights, education, equity, ethnicity, First Nations, history, human rights, law, masculinities, police, post-colonial
Roman, LeslieEducational StudiesEducationProfessoradvocacy, antiracism / antiracist pedagogy, cultural studies, diaspora, disability, discourse / discourse analysis, education, equity, ethnicity, ethnography, feminism, feminist, girl, globalization, homelessness, human rights, immigration, inequality, institutional ethnography, Marxism / materialism, multicultural, feminist qualitative methods, politics, popular culture, pornography, post-colonialism, post-structuralist, race, standpoint, teenager, theory, women, youth
Ruitenberg, ClaudiaEducational StudiesEducationProfessoragonistic (i.e., conflict-oriented) conceptions of politics and democracy; ethics (including, but not limited to, Derrida’s ethics of hospitality); speech act theory and discursive performativity; philosophical research methods; questions of epistemological diversity in education; aesthetics and art education; gender and queer theory in education
Santos, AlessandraFrench, Hispanic and Italian StudiesArtsAssistant ProfessorLiterature and culture in contemporary Latin America with special focus on Brazil; displacement and African Diasporas.
Sarra, JanisPeter A. Allard School of Law LawProfessorCorporate law and corporate finance, securities law and commercial insolvency law
Sensoy, OzlemFaculty of Education, SFU EducationAssociate ProfessorSocial justice education, critical pedagogy, cultural studies, Islam, Middle East, popular culture, feminist postcolonial theory, visual research methods
Shroff, FarahSchool of Population and Public Health MedicineAdjunct ProfessorSocial justice approaches to health; holistic mind-body practices; international health
Sundberg, JuanitaGeographyArtsAssociateCaribbean, civil rights, development, environment, equity, feminism, feminist, Hispanic, human rights, inequality, international, Latin America, Latina, post-colonial, post-structuralist, sexuality, social movement, theory, transnational, conservation, environmental justice, borders, nature, qualitative, methods
Varcoe, ColleenNursingApplied ScienceProfessorviolence, women’s health, inequity, ethics, health policy, ethnography, critical theory, Aboriginal health, racism
Walter, PierreEducational StudiesEducationProfessorAsia, development, economic development, education, environment, globalization, immigration, multicultural, rural, social movement, transnational, urban, women
Watson, ScottArt History, Visual Art & Theory ArtsProfessorContemporary art and issues, Art theory and criticism, 20th century art history, Curatorial and exhibition studies
Weir, LorraineEnglishArtsProfessorCritical theory; Indigenous literature; Indigenous epistemology; Socio-legal studies (Indigenous land title cases in B.C., oral history in the courtroom, expressive freedoms/censorship in Canada)
Wong, SabrinaNursingApplied ScienceProfessorhealth disparities/inequalities, health service delivery, immigrant and marginalized populations, primary health care, mixed methods, survey design and analysis
Wright, HandelEducational Studies EducationProfessorChildren and youth, Cultural studies, International and Comparative Education, Multiculturalism,Post-colonial studies Race/ethnicity, Research methodologies
Yodanis, CarrieSociologyArtsAssociategender studies, family and intimate relationships, violence, inequality
Young, MargotPeter A. Allard School of Law LawAssociateEquality law and theory, Social and Economic Rights, Comparative Constitutional Law, Social Welfare Law, Canadian Social Union
Yu, HenryHistoryArtsAssociateGlobal Vancouver, trans-Pacific migration, Asian Canadian and Asian American history, race and immigration