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NEW COURSE! 2017-18

GRSJ 425A 001
Term 1 (3 credits)

Wednesdays 9am-12pm
Room 105 – Frederic Lasserre Building

Instructor: Dr. John Paul Catungal

Note: this course may be repeated for credit.

Course description

This course critically engages queer of colour theorizing as a mode of scholarly inquiry and a political project. At base, queer of colour theorizing examines the mutual constitution of racial and imperial projects and the normalizing practices of gender and sexual differentiation. It was developed in response to the intellectual and political isolation of issues of race and empire from issues of gender and sexuality in the academy and in social movements. Forcefully interdisciplinary, queer of colour theorizing is located at the nexus of queer studies, critical race and ethnic studies, trans studies, postcolonial studies and intersectional feminisms.

This course has three main tasks. First, we will engage in a genealogical analysis of the scholarly and political foundations of queer of colour theorizing. We will unpack its foundational critiques of white normativity in queer studies and activism and of cisheteronormativity in critical race studies and in communities of colour, as well map out its the genealogical linkages to women of colour feminisms. Second, we will engage queer of colour theorizing’s complicated relationship to settler colonialism and to settler colonial studies. We will pay particular attention to the ways that indigenous scholars, including Two-Spirit thinkers, have named and exceeded the limits of this body of knowledge. Third, we will bring queer of colour theorizing into conversation with critical studies of nation, citizenship and diaspora by examining to what extend the former has engaged questions of mobilities, borders, nationalisms, migrations and transnationalisms in its examination of the nexus of racial, sexual and gender politics. Taken together, an examination of these issues will enable students to apply queer of colour insights to understanding local sexual and racial politics as well as to specific media and literary representations of their choosing.

Catalogue description

Unpacks the gender and sexual politics of racial and imperial projects. Examines the intellectual and political interventions of queer of colour theorizing, as well as its engagements with, linkages to and divergences from women of colour feminisms, settler colonial and indigenous studies, and immigration and diaspora studies.

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