Social Justice Reading List

The Social Justice Reading List is a list of core, often foundational, works that we consider essential to our work and scholarship for social justice. It is not a canon nor a comprehensive bibliography; rather, it represents a snapshot of who we are and what we find most compelling and necessary. The list aims to give graduate students the same knowledge base and assist in situating their intellectual roots and scholarship.

This library is gathered by the GRSJ faculty, who each contribute 5-10 texts they consider essential for social justice work in their fields and/or in their research. Several of the readings included on the list are also mandatory in GRSJ core courses.

Students are expected to consult the list and incorporate in the written and the orals components of the comprehensive exams, texts from the list. There are three readings lists (2 created by the student in consultation with their Ph.D committee and the SJ Reading list created by faculty) but only two exams.

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