Current MA Students

Students in the GRSJ MA program will complete 30 credits of course work in total, including their choice of a thesis (9 credits) or extended essay (3 credits).  Core courses (GRSJ 500, 501/515A and 502) are typically taken in first year.  Every effort is made to ensure that each student has satisfied all the requirements for the degree.  However, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that, at the time of graduation, all requirements have been met.

MA Thesis Option:
GRSJ 500 (3 credits)
GRSJ 501 (3 credits) or GRSJ 515A (3 credits)
GRSJ 502 (3 credits)
Electives (12 credits)
Thesis (9 credits)

MA Extended Essay Option:
GRSJ 500 (3 credits)
GRSJ 501 (3 credits) or GRSJ 515A (3 credits)
GRSJ 502 (3 credits)
Electives (18 credits)
Extended Essay (3 credits)

Electives credits must have the approval of the student's supervisor and may be selected from

  • GRSJ special topics courses
  • graduate courses in other UBC departments
  • undergraduate courses numbered 300 and above (maximum 6 credits)
  • courses at another university - see Western Deans Agreement

Incoming students will be registered in required courses by the program assistant,and may register in electives when registration opens.  Following Orientation at the beginning of September, students will prepare a program of study in consultation with their pro tem advisor.

Guide for New Students (Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies)

MA students should find an appropriate supervisor as soon as possible, at the latest by the end of the first year. GRSJ students draw on the Institute’s Associate Faculty Members to serve as supervisors and committee members.  Students should meet with their supervisors at least once a term.

Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies:  Supervision and Advising

The Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies requires that graduate student progress be reviewed annually.  This takes the form of a survey to be completed by the student and approved by the supervisor.  The survey asks about the student’s academic progress, registration, and financial arrangements, and gives students an opportunity to provide feedback on their experience of the program. Forms and detailed instructions will be distributed by the program assistant in April each year.

A copy of UBC’s Policy 85, “Scholarly Integrity” will be distributed with this Handbook at Orientation in September. It is important that new graduate students read this policy and discuss with the graduate program chair any questions they might have.

The following are some important pages on the Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies website:

Managing Your Program
Student Forms
Graduate Student Deadlines
Scholarships, Awards & Funding 

More information on the MA thesis here.

More information on the MA Extended Essay here.

Forms for current MA students are here.