GRSJ 501: Issues in Decolonizing and Feminist Methodologies

Issues in Decolonizing and Feminist Methodologies
Term 1

Instructor: Dr. Jemima Pierre

In this course we will read beautiful writings by scholars reflecting on practices of resistance in colonial spaces, such as the university and the nation state. We will read these writings to learn methods of appreciation and listening, we will explore what it means to think of love as a critical methodology, and consider pedagogies that involve practices of vulnerability, risk and tenderness. We will think deeply about the power of witnessing  as rigorous academic work. In our course of study, we will explore the meanings and practices of “decolonization” and “feminism”. This course is intentionally concerned with community; we will read intensively and engage deeply in community. In order to participate in our class community, to enrich our conversations and be enriched by them, students are invited and encouraged to complete readings for each class. The purpose of class meetings is to reflect, and wrestle with the texts at hand, engage in transformative interactions with each other, and to provide precious time dedicated to deep thinking.

Required for first year MA and PhD students.