Promoting Trans Literacies Workshop

Developed and facilitated by the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, the Promoting Trans Literacies Workshop explores how educators can develop safer, more trans-inclusive pedagogical practices in their classrooms.

From student stories to syllabus analysis, facilitators will provide a framework for participants to understand, identify, and counter trans-oppressive practices, and to provide tools to better create trans-literate and trans-equitable learning spaces at all levels.

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Dr. Janice Stewart
Faculty Liaison

Resources: Promoting Trans-Literacies – Supplementary Resource


K, who uses the pronouns they/them, is a queer, non-binary, second-generation Chinese settler raised in unceded Coast Salish territories, they put energies into QTBIPOC communities, writings, and activisms. They most recently facilitated a student directed seminar titled “Voices from the Margins: Critical Perspectives on Race, Sexuality, and Settler Colonialism” (GRSJ 425A), focusing on WOC and Indigenous feminisms, queer of colour and Two-Spirit critiques, and art-based activisms. Outside of school, K is a photographer whose work is framed in community representation, accessibility, and social justice.

Evan is a PhD Candidate in UBC’s Department of Language and Literacy Education and a member of UBC’s Public Scholars network. Evan’s CIHR-funded dissertation research focuses on the intersections of gender diversity, cancer health, and the health literacy and decision-making of trans* and gender nonconforming populations. Evan is a trans person with multiple genders and sexualities and has an insatiable passion for subversion.

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