The Social Justice Institute Graduate Student Panel

The Social Justice Institute
Graduate Student Panel

January 25, 12pm-2pm
Room 028, Jack Bell Building
2080 West Mall, UBC


This event is free and open to the public. RSVP’s are not required to attend, only encouraged.

Please join us as faculty and students come together to learn from the research of our graduate students. 5 panelists will present their works in progress, reflecting and sharing their own research process, as well as focus our attention on key intellectual questions for projects in social justice today. Q&A to follow.


2017-jan25-gradpanel-lyraLyra McKee is a second year Master’s student who grew up in Texas. She is a white settler whose research interests include transgender studies, critical race theory, political philosophy, queer theory, and qualitative geography. She also adores the performing arts and enjoys singing, dancing, and acting. While she is considering applying for law school and/or PhD programs in the future, Lyra eagerly looks forward to taking some time away from academia after graduating from GRSJ.

2017-jan25-gradpanel-kristiKristi Carey is a Master’s student in the Social Justice Institute. Her work seeks to explore how institutional and interpersonal memory come together to shape the stories we are told and the stories we tell, particularly as they and we are cut by political and epistemic violences.  Her research analyzes the U.S. university as a corporate and imperial space, using student activist movements in the past 15 years as a lens through which to examine larger questions of what it means to search for love and hope in institutions that unfailingly prove their seeming impossibility.

2017-jan25-gradpanel-julesCree from Attawapiskat First Nation Moshkekowok territory, Jules Koostachin resided with her Cree grandparents in Moosonee for much of her childhood, as well as her mother in Ottawa.  She works as a media artist and completed graduate school at Ryerson University in Documentary Media in 2010 where she was awarded an Award of Distinction and an Academic Gold Medal for her thesis documentary film Remembering Inninimowin.  Jules’ television series, co-produced with Big Soul Productions,  AskiBOYZ is currently airing on Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.  Her media arts practice is informed by environmental and Indigenous issues.

2017-jan25-gradpanel-sheilaSheila Sengupta (M.S. Mathematics,Calgary ) is a Phd Candidate at the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice. A recipient of the Michelle Lynn Rosa award (2013), and the St John’s Itoko Muraoka Award (2016) her publications include books on Bengali womens’ history. Her Phd research is based on developing an alternative archive of the Partition of India (1947) using refugee voices.

2017-jan25-gradpanel-amelAmel Eldihaib is a researcher and social activist. Over the last ten years she worked and volunteered with different international and national civil society organizations in Sudan (both South and North), as well in other countries in the Horn of Africa and Yemen. Her work and activism is mainly around areas of social justice, active citizenship, peace building and environment.