“The Refugee Crisis and the Racial (B)order of Global Capital” – Dr. Denise Ferreira da Silva

Social Justice Institute
Noted Scholars Lecture Series

Dr. Denise Ferreira da Silva
The Refugee Crisis and the Racial (B)order of Global Capital

Feb 10, 12-1pm
Liu Institute, Multipurpose Room
6476 NW Marine Drive, UBC

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Following recent protests in Britain and other European countries demanding that they ‘welcome refugees’, I cannot but recall how, Britain, for instance, will welcome them. For they will join migrants now subjected to various degrees of law enforcement.
Focusing on the in/distinction between refugee protection and border protection, I find that raciality accounts for why those displaced by wars of global capital do not really move out of the zone of violence.
For it is not only that Western Europe, the United States, and their global business partners are responsible for, with or without military presence, the conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Somali, the DRC, Libya, to name a few.
Today, the racial figure of the human plays for financial-global-capital, the same ethical role of the nation played for industrial-state/empire-capital for most of the 20th century.

Dr. Denise Ferreira da Silva is an Associate Professor of Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice at UBC.