Dr. Sarah Hunt – Embodying Self-Determination: resisting violence beyond the gender binary

Social Justice Institute and the Indigenous Pedagogies Research Network present:


Dr. Sarah Hunt
Embodying Self-Determination: resisting violence beyond the gender binary

Nov 4, 12-1pm
Liu Institute for Global Issues
Multipurpose Room, 6476 NW Marine Drive


This event is free and open to the public. RSVP’s are not required to attend, only encouraged.
Lunch will be provided!

ABSTRACTIn recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of a vibrant resistance to ongoing and persistent violence against Indigenous women and girls across Turtle Island (North America). Powerful grassroots interventions have raised the voices of Indigenous women and our allies in demanding that this violence must end. Yet the gender analyses employed in these anti-violence efforts are often premised on representations of male violence against women which render invisible people whose gender identities fall outside the western binary. In this talk, I will argue that the erasure of trans and Two-Spirit people is an ongoing form of violence which is integrally connected to the violent manifestations of colonial heteropatriarchy in the lives of Indigenous women and girls. Across these sites and scales of gendered epistemic and material violence, I will discuss the decolonial imperative to advance Indigenous gender-based analyses that foster the agency and self-determination of all our relations.


Sarah HuntDr. SARAH HUNT is a Kwagiulth scholar whose transdisciplinary research critically takes up questions of violence, law, resistance, Indigenous resurgence and self-determination. Dr. Hunt’s research and writing emerge from 15 years of work as a community-based researcher & educator in rural and urban Indigenous communities. She has published on a range of issues related to neo-colonial power relations and decolonization, including topics of gender and sexuality, sex work, the politicization of everyday resistance, and Indigenous research and education. Sarah recently joined UBC as assistant professor of critical Indigenous geographies in the First Nations and Indigenous Studies Program and Department of Geography. https://ubc.academia.edu/SarahHunt


This event is co-sponsored by the Indigenous Pedagogies Research Network, as part of the Social Justice Institute’s Thematic Research Networks.