Painting/Reading with Emily Carr and Clarice Lispector: their rebellion, art and non-conformities – Dr. Raimunda Bedasee

Social Justice Institute
Noted Scholars Lecture Series

Dr. Raimunda Bedasee
Painting/Reading with Emily Carr and Clarice Lispector: their rebellion, art and non-conformities

Oct 5, 12-1pm
Room 028, Jack Bell Building
2080 West Mall, UBC


This event is free and open to the public. RSVP’s are not required to attend, only encouraged.

Abstract: Emily Carr and Clarice Lispector presented a bold behaviour in relation to the existing standards in the societies in which they lived particularly with regard to the acceptance of their work and their way of living. Feminist criticism leads to establishing a dialogue between these two artists – both writer and painter – which unveils different aspects of their universe. Involvement of the reader-critic is crucial to examine their particular historical and cultural contexts. Such involvement demands a certain way of reading which differs from usual reading. Such way of reading leads inevitably to an interdisciplinary investigation. This talk deals ultimately with both women concerns about themselves, about women in general and finally about social justice.

Dr. Raimunda Bedasee is Associate Professor at the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. She is a Visiting Professor who will be doing research on the works of Emily Carr at UBC’s Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice. Dr. Bedasee has experience in the area of Letters, with emphasis in literature, working mainly on the following topics: gender studies, literature, feminism, French Literature. She has delivered speeches in Brazil and abroad and taught at universities abroad (Italy, Guyana, France) about literature and Brazilian culture. She was the President of the Association of French teachers of the State of Bahia – APFEBA (2002 – 2004). She has published articles and three books: Violência e Ideologia feminista na obra de Clarice LispectorA violência do universo feminino na visão de Marie-Claire Blais and (Auto)biography (org). She recently submitted to the UFBA publisher her book: Crítica e Mulher. Coletânea, a collection of her published articles on gender.