Dr. Rosi Braidotti: Four Theses on Posthuman Feminism

Social Justice @ UBC Noted Scholars Lecture Series


Four Theses on Posthuman Feminism

January 28, 12-1pm

Liu Institute, Multipurpose Room, 6476 NW Marine Drive


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Dr. Rosi Braidotti’s talk will outline the main tenets of feminism after the posthuman turn. The four theses are: that feminism is not  (only) a humanism; that anthropocentrism has been displaced and Anthropos is now off-centre; that non-human life or Zoe is the ruling principle and  that sexuality is a force beyond gender. She will explore these four theses in the context of a critical cartography of advanced capitalism, read with Foucault, Deleuze and Guattari and feminist theory. She will especially analyse the implications of the posthuman turn for theories and practices of feminist subject-formation, political praxis and ethical relations in a technologically linked but profoundly fractured globalised world. The main argument is that the posthuman is neither post-political, nor outside power relations and that it does not mark the end of political agency, but a re-casting of it in the direction of a nomadic relational ontology. 


Dr. Rosi Braidotti (B.A. Hons. Australian National University, 1978; PhD, Université de Paris, Panthéon-Sorbonne, 1981; Honorary Degrees Helsinki, 2007 and Linkoping, 2013;Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities (FAHA), 2009; Member of the Academia Europaea (MAE), 2014) is Distinguished University Professor and founding Director of the Centre for the Humanities at Utrecht University. Her latest books are: The Posthuman, Cambridge: Polity Press, 2013; Nomadic Subjects, New York: Columbia Univ. Press, 2011a and Nomadic Theory. The Portable Rosi Braidotti. Columbia University Press, 2011b. www.rosibraidotti.com