AnimalFest: Celebrating Reaktion’s Animal Series

AnimalFest: Celebrating Reaktion’s Animal Series


Animal is a landmark book series focused on animals, their natural history, and their symbolic, relational, and material significance to human cultures. This two-day event brings together sixteen authors from five countries to discuss their species-specific books, the field of Animal Studies, and the challenges facing wild and domesticated animals in the world today.

Saturday, July 18
All-Day Symposium
UBC Beaty Biodiversity Museum, Yap Biodiversity Auditorium
9:45am – 6:30pm
Free and open to the public

Sunday, July 19
Multi-Volume Reading and Book Signing
Vancouver Public Library, Alma VanDusen & Peter Kaye Rooms
4:00pm – 6:30pm
Free and open to the public


Featuring the authors of Albatross, Ape, Badger, Bear, Beaver, Chicken, Dog, Dolphin, Duck, Fox, Kangaroo, Lion, Pig, Rabbit, Rat, and Sheep, this two-day gathering offers a uniquely international opportunity to engage Animal Studies and some of the most pressing ecological and environmental issues of our time through provocative, entertaining, and publicly oriented scholarship.

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This event is co-sponsored at UBC by the Oecologies Research Cluster, Department of English, the Department of History, the First Nations and Indigenous Studies Program, Critical Studies in Sexuality and the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, and the Science and Technology Studies Graduate Program, as well as Reaktion Books.