“Fine White Cotton Stockings”; Or, Racial Capitalism, Colonial Dispossession, and Settler-Sexual Contract

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Social Justice @ UBC Noted Scholars Lecture Series
The Intimate Public Sphere: Thinking Through the Skin

Dr. Phanuel Antwi

Assistant Professor, Department of English
University of British Columbia

Working with Catharine Parr Traill’s 1855 manual, The Canadian Settlers’ Guide, and making her advice to white wives and daughters emigrating to Canada to bring with them “fine white cotton stockings” his focus, Dr. Phanuel Antwi’s talk examines how this transitional and transcultural object, with its colonial, imperial and industrial histories, undermines early Canadian texts’ attempts to obscure black presence from their literary narratives.  Dr. Antwi will trace the movement of cotton from slave plantations in the American South (as raw material) to the mills of urban England (as fabrics) and finally to the backwoods of Canada (as fine white cotton stockings) to highlight this transcultural history of cotton maps a history of labour and race relations, relations in which bodies as much as natural resources served as “raw materials” for an industrial and settler world.

Dr. Phanuel Antwi writes, researches and teaches critical black studies; settler colonial studies; black Atlantic and diaspora studies; Canadian literature and culture since 1830; critical race, gender, and sexuality studies; material cultures; affect studies. He has published articles in Intervention, Affinities, and Caribbean Quarterly. His book-length project, Currencies of Blackness: Faithfulness, Cheerfulness and Politeness in Settler Writing is in its finishing phase. His current research focuses on dub poetry as a black Atlantic body-archive as a way to situate black Atlantic art forms not only as archives but as erotic and ethical encounters in a long, complex history of African-diasporic artistic and intellectual culture.


Date:            Tuesday March 24, 12-1pm*

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