Anti-Colonial Machine Conference, “Quartet for the End of Time” with Fred Moten, Cecily Nicholson, Mercedes Eng, Phanuel Antwi

Anti-Colonial Machine Conference, “Decolonizing Revolutionary Theory: Arab Spring Uprisings and Their Aftermath” – Dr. Atef Said with Sora Han and David Lloyd

(CANCELLED) “The Infrastructures of Empire: A Critical Geopolitics of Media” – Dr. Paula Chakravartty

“The Contents of Rotimi’s Trunk: A Chapter in The Bookshop of Black Queer Diaspora” – Dr. Roderick Ferguson

“Tracing Indigenous feminist love in the archive: Notes from a grandmother’s boarding school records” – Dr. Dory Nason

Anti-Colonial Methods Project Presents: Avery Gordon

“A Nightmarish Silhouette” – Dr. C Riley Snorton

Elemental Panel: Water // Anti-Colonal Methods Project

Laws of Extraction: From Intellectual Property to Global Cultural Justice

Critical Insurrections: Decolonizing Difficulties, Activist Imaginaries, and Collective Possibilities