Don Shafer Selected to Join Climate Teaching Connector Cohort

We are pleased to announce that GRSJ PhD Student Don Shafer has been selected to join a pilot program with fifteen other graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with the Climate Teaching Connector, a partnership between the UBC Climate Hub and the UBC Sustainability Initiative.

This pilot project is being designed to bring about greater integration of climate change and climate justice content throughout courses across departments starting this fall. Course instructors are encouraged to use this website to connect and collaborate with climate experts from across the UBC campus who can share their unique expertise with the instructor/students as guest lecturers.

The Climate Teaching Connector integrates climate-related content into undergraduate classes by connecting UBC course instructors with climate change and climate justice experts from the UBC community.

Don is in the second year of his PhD program with the Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice Institute. He is a broadcaster/journalist and an active member of the Climate Reality Project which is focused on climate change education and countering climate change denial campaigns worldwide. His master’s thesis was focused on the science of climate change and the psychology of denial and he will focus on the tensions at play between church and state, different societies, cultures ,and self interest groups as well as adaptation and mitigation framing the best and worst case scenarios as we look at strategies and systems change.


For more information please contact:

Pablo Akira Beimler

Beimler, Pablo

School of Community and Regional Planning

Academic Engagement Lead | UBC Climate Hub

University of British Columbia, Vancouver