Taq Bhandal

MA, Health, Policy & Equity, York University (2014)
BSc Hon, Biology, Dalhousie University (2012)


My name is Taqdir (Taq) Kaur Bhandal (English) ਤਕਦੀਰਕੌਰਭੰਡਾਲ(Gurmukhi-Punjabi). I am a researcher in the field of health professions education and menstrual health. My ancestors are from the Punjab region of modern-day India/Pakistan, though I was born and raised in Metro Vancouver on Coast Salish Territory. Outside of my PhD work, I run two social enterprises, @imwithperiods and Researchbox.ca. Overall I spend my days balancing research, teaching, organizing (I love a good planner), dog walks, cooking (and eating of course!), sustainability, and attempts at decolonial, intersectional community involvement.



My research interests include:

  • Sex and Gender-Based Analysis + (SGBA)
  • Sex as a Biological Variable (SABV)
  • Gender+
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Mxnstrual Heath (Mahvari) Research

For more info check out https://www.researchbox.ca


Selected Publications

For more info check out https://www.researchbox.ca

Bhandal, Taq Kaur & MacLean, Emily. (In Progress). A systematic review of menstrual hygiene management discouse, infectious disease, and the pathologization of the Global South. BMJ Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

Bhandal, Taq Kaur & Hilario, Carla. (In Progress). Decolonial feminism in mental health research and practice in Vancouver, Canada. Health Sociology Review.

Bhandal, Taq Kaur. (In Progress). Sex and gender in Canadian menstrual health research. BMC Women’s Health.

Bhandal, Taq Kaur. (In Progress). Red and brown blood: Decolonial feminist perspectives on menstrual health. Doty, K & A.J. Lowik (Eds.). Reproduction and Parenting Beyond the Binary. Bradford, CA: Demeter Press.

Bhandal, Taq Kaur & Buddhavarapu, Shruti. (In Review). Period, pain: Anti-colonial discourse in global menstrual health research and activism. Women’s Reproductive Health.

Bhandal, Taq Kaur. (2020). Self-Care Down There: An All Genders Guide to Vaginal Wellbeing. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster.

Bhandal, Taq Kaur (Ongoing) Short Articles on Mxnstrual Health from Indigenizing and Intersectional perspectives http://www.imwithperiods.com/features

Bhandal, Taq Kaur. (2018). Ethical globalization? Opportunities for decolonizing frameworks for internationalization in Canadian medical education. Canadian Medical Education Journal. 9(2): 33-45.

Bhandal, Taq Kaur. (2016). Possibilities for intersectional theorizing in Canadian historiography: The subaltern narrative of Canadian medical schools. Graduate History Review. 5(1): 46 – 82.

Bhandal, Taq Kaur, Joly, France-Emmanuelle, Cao, Lisa. (2016). Women’s health, wellness, and equity in Vancouver and the Downtown Eastside: An environmental scan for decision makers. Vancouver Women’s Health Collective Report.

Bhandal, Taq Kaur & Ahmad, Farah. (2014). Neoliberal racialized and gendered subjectivities: A case study of employed, pregnant South Asian immigrant women in Toronto. MA Health, Policy, Equity Thesis, York University

Bhandal, Taq Kaur. (2014). Finding gendered inequities in poor women’s experiences of neoliberal health care and labour: perspectives from India. Health Tomorrow. 2(1): 1-26.



Research Funding 2017/5 – 2020/5 Canadian Institutes of Health Research Doctoral Program – Canadian Graduate Schol. Ranking: Top 8 percent of applicants. Total Funding: 105,000 for 3 years.| Research Funding 2017/8 – 2020/8 University of British Columbia Fellowship for Doctoral Students. Ranking: Top 2 percent of applicants. Total Funding: Tuition funding for 3 years. |Research Funding 2015/9 – 2016/8 University of British Columbia. Social Justice institute Graduate Funding. Ranking: Top 10 percent of applicants. Total Funding: 19,000 for 1 year.|Research Funding 2014/4 – 2014/8 York Univeristy. Lillian Wright Maternal-Child Health Schol. Ranking: Top 5 percent of applicants. Total Funding: 10,000 one time stipend.| Research Funding 2014/4 – 2014/4 York University. CUPE Spring 2014 Research Cost Fund. Ranking: Top 10 percent of applicants. Total Funding: 1000 for research expenses.|Research Funding 2013/9 – 2014/8 York University. Graduate Fellowship Program. Ranking: Top 5 percent of applicants Total Funding: 13,000 for 1 year.|Vancouver City Council Elections 2018 City of Vancouver Independent Council Candidate Ranking: Top 5 independent candidates, 15,474 votes, not elected. | Ubyssey Magazine Awards, 2018 University of British Columbia. Highly Productive People on Campus Ranking: Top student Out of six people chosen alongside UBC Pres. |Vancouver Women’s Health Collective, 2015. Downtown Eastside, Vancouver Board of Directors. Ranking: Chair. Elected to serve as Chair for a one-year term.|Canadian Conference on Global Health, 2012. Canadian Society for International Health Award for Student Presentations. Ranking: Top 5 percent of presenters. Received Certificate and Award.|Honours Distinction, and Dean’s List, 2012. Dalhousie University Student GPA Rankings. Ranking: Top 8 percent of students. Listed on transcript, website, and diploma.|For more info check out https://www.researchbox.ca||https://www.researchbox.ca||2014