What Students Say
About the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

  • “I’m going into education and I recently got an opportunity at a school because of GRSJ. They knew that I would have skills in uniting diversity.”
  • “I plan to go into feminist legal studies, and GRSJ will be a huge benefit to me going into that.”
  • “As a racialized student GRSJ gives me room to speak about my experience.”
  • “When I was beginning with the nonprofit sector, they said that they were impressed that I ‘got’ the language of nonprofit management.”
  • “What’s good is that they are small classes, and they are not so top-down.”
  • “The professors are so interdisciplinary, so we come to appreciate such a huge range of angles of looking at things.  I already notice that this helps with work and interpersonal skills.”
  • “This kind of education is the most applicable to my life in an immediate way.
  • “I’m a double-psychology major, and GRSJ is critical to educating me in the sensitivities that are sometimes missing from psychology.”
  • “I felt that the entire core of the program was encouraging members to think critically for themselves and to look at knowledge in new way, and to produce something new in the world.”
“Everything that I learned through the courses, literally everything applies to what I do every day.” Shoko Kitano, North Shore Women’s Centre
“GRSJ is like the foundation to everything that I do.” Jen Sung, Out in Schools
“How hasn’t it been useful? GRSJ kind of helped me understand how I wanted to live in the world, how I wanted to be as a human.”  Lau Mehes, QMUNITY
“The professors that we were exposed to were unique, engaging, and really encouraged us to think for ourselves.  I think more than anything that is what got most of us ready for real life.” Sara Malkin, Associate Lawyer