Congrats on the 2020 Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF)

Congratulations on the 2020 Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF)!

Dr. Bathseba Opini, EDST. Co-applicants: Dr. Annette Henry, Dr. Michelle Stack, Dr. Andre Mazawi, John Yamamoto, Rod Brown, Dr. Shaya Golparian, Dr. Daniel Shiu, Meena Uppal, Ashley House, Dr. Vince White, Dr. Marianne McTavish, Mary Kostandy, Alison St. Pierre, Ogenfeibo Oladipupo.

“Anti-racism Education for Teacher Education Candidates”, has been funded from the 2020 Teaching and Learning Enhancement, in the amount of $40,156.

“British Columbia’s K to 12 curriculum identifies valuing diversity and defending human rights as one of the key competencies students should attain. Teachers are fundamental to assisting students to realize this goal. Consequently, teacher education programs must prepare future educators to identify and challenge injustices in education. Racism is one example of such injustices. This project will research, develop, and implement an anti-racist education component that will be embedded in the required teacher education course, EDST 401 “Education, School and Social Institutions” (From the proposal).