McGill , 2001, PhD


Dr. Janice Stewart has a PhD from McGill University in English Literature. She teaches in the Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice program as well as in the Critical Studies in Sexuality program. Her interests include critical theory, gender theory, anti-racist work as well an interest in Modernist writers such as Virginia Woolf and Emily Carr.


Currently Dr. Stewart’s work engages the teaching and learning benefits of socially networked, online Community Mapping tools and the unique potential of locative media for social justice initiatives on the UBC campus. Social Justice @UBC considers how official knowledge is mapped in ways that typically exclude members of marginalized groups and represent a very partial aggregate of culture. Participatory community mapping projects enable active relationships to public knowledge and new forms of educational innovation and participatory citizenship.  This proposal requests support for the development of aSocial Justice @UBC community mapping project that will provide students and instructors in multiple Arts and Education courses with a digitally networked environment that supports educationally significant collaborative research, networking, critical thinking, and multimedia literacy. Locative media offer a way of making visible hidden stories of place and belonging. Increasing cultural and linguistic diversity in the world today call for a much broader view of literacy. Technologies of community mapping and social justice workpositions students as knowledge creators. Flexible learning and community engagement provide a diverse group of undergraduate students a pedagogic infrastructure that will build core research and intercultural competencies.


2013 Flexible Learning Grant (GRSJ $40 000)

2013 Indigenous Pedagogies: The Complex Work of Social Justice and Decolonizing Educative Praxis ($7500)

2012UBC CTLT SoTL Leadership Program: UBC Faculty Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Teaching Scholarship ($2000)

2010-2013 TA award for GRSJ: 320 Feminist Pedagogies Writing Intensive

2010 Killam Teaching Award

2007 UBC Arts IT grant: e-Learning 2.0: Developing a Collaborative Learning Environment for the Global Citizens ($5000)

Sample Publications

Stewart, Janice.  “Queer Pedagogy?:  Contagion and Heterosexual Panic Surrounding the Trial of The Well of Loneliness”  Forthcoming thirdspace 2012.

Stewart, Janice.  “Thoroughly Modern Melancholia: Virginia Woolf, Writer, Daughter” Woolf Studies Annual  V 16:  2010.  133-154.

Stewart, Janice.  “Shadows in a Cracked Mirror: The Spectre in The Well of Loneliness” Enter Text 6.3 2007.

Stewart, Janice.  “Locked in a Room of One’s Own?”: Querying the Quest for the Keys to Woolf’s Madness” Partial Answers.  2.1. 2004.  147-175.

Stewart, Janice.  “Cultural Appropriation and Identificatory Practices in Emily Carr’s “Indian Stories” Frontiers 26.2. 2005.  59-72.

Stewart, Janice.  “Still Crazy after all These Years” Surfaces. III.16. 1993.  4-10.