PhD, English, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2008)
MA, English, University of Toronto (2002)
Hons. BA, English, University of Toronto (2001)


Dr. Ray Hsu is chair of the Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Working Group and author of two award-winning books. He lectures widely on technology, world-making and political futurity and taught in a U.S. prison for over two years before teaching at UBC. He is currently Faculty in Residence at the Emerging Media Lab, where he leads a R&D project on virtual reality, machine learning and brain-computer interfaces.


– Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality

– Brain Computer Interfaces

– Artificial Intelligence, esp. Machine Learning


Cold Sleep Permanent Afternoon (Nightwood Editions)

Anthropy (Nightwood Editions)

Gerald Lampert Award
Alcuin Award