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Educational Innovations for Social Justice Fund (Call for Proposals) The Educational Innovations for Social Justice Initiative is intended to help UBC build upon its strong foundation in learning innovation, teaching excellence, and its deep commitment to fostering inclusive and respectful environments for student learning. Deadline February 28!

Promoting Trans Literacies is one of the Award Winners at Disrupt Ordinary 2017 Established in 2011, the monthly Showcase Awards aim to recognize student-led initiatives across campus that have contributed positively to the UBC community and have the potential to impact the community with a pressing cause or issue.

Petition in Support of Dr. Mary Bryson December 1, 2016 Dear Dr. Angela Redish (Provost) and Dr. Blye Frank (Dean of the Faculty of Education), We, the undersigned at the University of British Columbia and elsewhere, write to urge UBC to express its commitment to academic freedom as the core value of our campus in this time when the rights of Indigenous […]

GRSJ grad student, Lyra featured in Montecristo Magazine Transgender Day of Remembrance. More voices.

LET US TALK Nov 15, 2016 Faculty and students at UBC’s Social Justice Institute are committed to continue to engage in research and teaching designed to contribute to refashioning existing and designing new critical tools that will help us to stop the unfolding of a future of colonial, racial, and sexual violence. Again and again a question comes […]

Dr. Ayesha Chaudhry on NEWS 1130: Minority groups working to assess reality of Trump presidency Associate Professor of Islamic Studies and Gender Studies at UBC Ayesha Chaudhry believes Trump’s win will be difficult. “I think though for a lot of people of colour, the rhetoric was not surprising. This was rhetoric they’ve heard before. They were aware of this type of deep, simmering white racism that they have experienced in […]

Dr. Denise Ferreira da Silva in I Owe You a Word, as part of Parliament of Bodies “I Owe You a Word” Constituting a common library for the “Parliament of Bodies” – In 2011, at the beginning of the European political discussion concerning the bailout of Greek debt, Jean-Luc Godard suggested in an interview with the German weekly paper Freitag that the European Union should tax use of Greek words to pay off the […]

Dr. Denise Ferreira da Silva presenting at the Athens Municipality Arts Center at Parko Eleftherias, Athens, Greece Unpayable Debt: Reflections on Value, and Violence, Lecture, by Denise Ferreira da Silva. The Apatride Society of the Political Other: Integrated World Capitalism and the Ithageneia Condition. The Parliament of Bodies, documenta 14 Public Programs.

Meet Jalini: A Leader Empowering Women All Over Campus While standing in the queue of UBC’s Loafe, I met the fierce and fashionable Jalini Paramsothi, AMS’s Equal Voice president. We had our introductions, grabbed our drinks, and as if by a twist of fate, a table opened up for us in the busy café. Jalini is a fourth year student majoring in GRSJ (Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social […]

Metro News: Sexual assault panellists ‘disappointed’ as UBC nears end of input phase University extended consultations until end of month, but some members of an expert panel concerned about “confidence” in process. For Lucia Lorenzi, an invitation to sit on UBC’s “expert” UBC sexual assault panel seemed like a chance to make an impact — and bring her voice to the table as a survivor of sexual violence […]