Events Calendar

The Social Justice Institute is eager to involve students, faculty, and members of the wider UBC and Vancouver community in the research and teaching activities that we offer. Each year, the Institute hosts several scholarly and social events that we encourage anyone interested to attend.

  • (Cancelled) “A Nightmarish Silhouette” – Dr. C. Riley Snorton

    Date: Mar 29th 2017 12:00pm
    Venue: Global Lounge

    In “A Nightmarish Silhouette,” Snorton situates the ascendance of Christine Jorgensen, dubbed America’s first transsexual celebrity, alongside myriad projects of U.S. imperial conquest and various forms of violent racist suppression at home. Focusing on the media narratives of Lucy Hicks Anderson, Georgia Black, and James McHarris/Annie Lee Grant that emerged in the black press, this talk offers other ways to narrate how black trans figures were mobilized to meditate on intramural black life, not simply as it related to matters of gender and sexuality but as it pertained to shifting notions of human valuation.

  • 2017 F-Word Conference

    Date: Apr 30th 2017 9:45am
    Venue: Great Hall, The Nest (2nd Floor)

    The GRSJ Undergraduate Association is proud to host this year’s F-Word Conference. The theme is A Year in Review: Activism, Solidarity and Navigating Oppressions. Last year, in 2016, many systems of oppression and the ways in which these are operating locally, globally and internationally were brought to light, particularly through various forms of media engagement. All over the Internet, there were (and continue to be) discussions around 2016 being the “worst year ever”. Why is this such...