The Social Justice Institute is eager to involve students, faculty, and members of the UBC and wider community in the research and teaching activities that we offer. Each year, the Institute hosts several scholarly and social events that we encourage anyone interested to attend. Past events can be viewed here.

Fall 2017 Noted Scholars Series

Dates: September 20 – November 2
Venue: Room 1099, Buchanan Tower

Save the dates! We are thrilled to announce the lineup for our Fall 2017 Noted Scholars Series this fall, with Dr. Dory Nason (Senior Instructor, First Nations and Indigenous Studies, UBC), Dr. Maile Arvin (Assistant Professor, History and Gender Studies, University of Utah), Dr. C. Riley Snorton (Assistant Professor, History and Gender Studies, University of Utah), and Dr. Malini Ranganathan (Assistant Professor, Global Environmental Politics, School of International Service, American University, Washington), as well as a Social Justice Faculty Panel (Dr. Phanuel Antwi, Dr. Geraldine Pratt, Dr. Becki Ross, Dr. Kim Snowden).

See below for event details.

  • “Regenerative Refusals: Against the Logic of Possession Through Whiteness in Hawai`i and Polynesia” – Dr. Maile Arvin

    Date: Oct 4th, 2017 12:00pm
    Venue: Room 1099, Buchanan Tower

    Settler colonialism in Hawai`i and Polynesia more broadly has long been fueled by a logic of possession through whiteness. In the logic of possession through whiteness, both Polynesia (the place) and Polynesians (the people) become exotic, feminized possessions of whiteness. This talk looks at how that settler colonial functions as well as how Native Hawaiian and other Polynesian artists and activists have refused this logic and worked to regenerate Indigenous life.


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